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How AppDirect Enables Your Business to Become a CSB

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A cloud services brokerage (CSB) is a third-party individual or business that acts as an intermediary between the purchaser of a cloud computing service and the creators of that service. In practice, this means that CSBs not only give their customers access to cloud-based services, but enable them to use those services more effectively than they would be able to on their own.

Given the inherent advantages of cloud services—lower cost, greater flexibility and faster deployment, among many others—their appeal to both enterprise and SMB companies is obvious. However, as cloud services have grown in popularity, their implementation has become more complex.

This is where cloud services brokerages play a crucial role. CSBs help customers aggregate, integrate and customize cloud-based services from multiple vendors and deliver them as a whole solution to end users, streamlining the experience across the board. For example, CSBs can offer single sign-on (SSO) capabilities so end users can access a number of different services from one portal. CSBs can also unify and simplify numerous other back-end processes, such as invoicing, payment processing, customer tracking and more.

Even though the role of cloud services broker is relatively new, it should seem familiar to anyone who has been involved in a traditional software deployment; instead of overseeing on-premise software implementations and customizations, CSBs facilitate integrations like these in the cloud.

AppDirect: Enabling Your Business to Become a Cloud Services Brokerage

The thought of developing and launching a cloud offering may be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The AppDirect platform allows you to create a branded marketplace for cloud services without the need for in-house resources or expertise, transforming your business into a cloud services brokerage and placing your company at the forefront of cloud innovation.

As the leading cloud service marketplace and management platform, AppDirect provides the product features and functionality your business needs to become a successful cloud services brokerage. These include:

  • Application Marketplace

    Offers an interactive experience that gives customers the information, tools and community to discover and buy the best solutions to meet their needs.
  • Application Manager

    Empowers customers to access and manage all of their applications from one simple, secure site.
  • Developer Center

    Attracts developers to your platform with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and services.
  • Marketplace Manager

    Provides the latest technology to facilitate managing your product catalog, marketplace settings, customer service, marketing and billing operations.
  • Security

    AppDirect invests heavily in security and ensures compliance with rigorous industry standards, including PCI DSS and ISO 27001.
  • Integrations

    AppDirect integrates your marketplace with existing systems to offer a seamless end user experience and centralize your back office.

These elements will allow you to quickly deploy a best-in-class cloud services offering that is easy to use and easy to manage, for both you and your customers.

Launching a Cloud Services Brokerage to Capitalize on Business Applications

Sparked by innovative, easy-to-use marketplaces like Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, consumer interest in mobile apps has soared. Given this success, forward-looking companies in the B2B space have already turned their attention to developing and delivering apps for business. 

For telecommunications companies, ISPs, and other brands that are interested in reaching business users, creating a cloud services brokerage specifically geared to provide innovative business applications is a smart strategy. A cloud service marketplace that allows users to browse through multiple apps, make purchases, and manage all of their services through one portal can help retain existing customers while attracting new prospects.

With its industry experience and expertise, AppDirect is ideally suited to help companies create cloud service marketplaces like these. The AppDirect platform is a white label solution that can be branded and customized to meet the needs of your end users, allowing you to create and launch a cloud service marketplace quickly and easily. Your AppDirect-powered cloud service marketplace can not only generate new revenue, but also boost loyalty as customers return to your marketplace for the latest, most innovative cloud services.

The Calm Before the Cloud Services Brokerage Storm

Currently, there are relatively few cloud services brokerages. However, Gartner predicts that the number of CSBs will soar over the next few years as companies of all sizes continue to migrate their business information and processes to the cloud—and look for help managing and integrating multiple solutions once they get there.

As their numbers expand, cloud services brokerages that are early to market will have a natural advantage; their position on the industry’s leading edge will give them the opportunity to capitalize on the growing complexities of cloud services deployment. With this in mind, the time to explore creating your own CSB is now.

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